Try Our Famous Wings!

6 Time Winner - Best Tasting
at the Easter Season Wing Fest

100 Flavors and Growing!

5 Wings $8.00

5 Wings w/Fries $10.00

10 Wings $15.00

20 Wings $30.00

Boneless Wings (Half Order) $7.50

Boneless Wings (Full Order) $13.00

Boneless Wings (Half Order)

w/ Fries $9.50

Rasta $.75 Extra

Price for 1 flavor per order, subject to upcharge for special requests

Extra for extra saucy $0.50

All Flats or All Drums $1.00

Extra Blue Cheese, Ranch, or Celery $0.50

Mix up any of the sauces the way you want them!


Wing Flavors:

Mix and Match:
Butter, Mild, Medium, Hot, Suicide, Honey Gold,
BBQ, Mango Habanero, Teriyaki, Garlic, Parm and Cajun.








Mild Honey

Mild Parm

Mild BBQ

Mild Cajun

Mild Garlic


Medium Honey

Medium Parm

Medium BBQ

Medium Cajun

Medium Garlic


Hot Honey

Hot Parm


Hot Cajun

Hot Garlic


Suicidal Honey

Suicidal Parm

Suicidal BBQ

Suicidal Cajun

Suicidal Garlic

Honey Parm

Honey BBQ

Honey Cajun

Honey Garlic

Honey Rasta

Garlic Parm

Garlic BBQ

Garlic Cajun

Garlic Rasta

BBQ Parm

BBQ Cajun

BBQ Rasta

Honey BBQ Parm

Honey BBQ Cajun

Honey BBQ Garlic

BBQ Garlic Cajun

BBQ Garlic Parm

BBQ Cajun Parm

Garlic Cajun Parm

Honey BBQ Rasta

Garlic Parm Rasta

Garlic BBQ Rasta

Garlic Cajun Rasta

BBQ Cajun Rasta

Honey Cajun Rasta

Honey Parm Rasta

Honey Garlic Rasta

Mild Honey BBQ

Medium Honey BBQ

Hot Honey BBQ

Mild Honey Cajun

Medium Honey Cajun

Hot Honey Cajun

Mild Honey Garlic

Medium Honey Garlic

Hot Honey Garlic

Mild Honey Rasta

Medium Honey Rasta

Hot Honey Rasta

Mild Garlic Parm

Medium Garlic Parm

Hot Garlic Parm

Mild Garlic BBQ

Medium Garlic BBQ

Hot Garlic BBQ

Mild Garlic Cajun

Medium Garlic Cajun

Hot Garlic Cajun

Mild Garlic Rasta

Medium Garlic Rasta

Hot Garlic Rasta

Mild BBQ Parm

Medium BBQ Parm

Hot BBQ Parm

Mild BBQ Cajun

Medium BBQ Cajun

Hot BBQ Cajun

Mild BBQ Rasta

Medium BBQ Rasta

Hot BBQ Rasta

Sweet Teriyaki

Mango Habanero


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